HealthAliciousNess is a website dedicated to presenting nutrition information in a simple easy to understand format.

Who writes for HealthAliciousNess?

Daisy Whitbread BSc (Hons) MSc DipION writes for and is a Freelance Nutritionist based in London. Her areas of specialism include weight management, meal planning, and improving energy levels. She works as a consultant and writer, as well as running weight-loss courses and giving presentations and workshops to high-profile, corporate clients in London and around the UK. Please see for further information.

Paul House is the chief editor, producer, and programmer for and works from San Francisco. He is a health analyst who believes that many diseases can be prevented through proper nutrition, and who also creates Science of a website advocating research on aging and best practices for increasing healthspan.

Where is the data sourced from?

Nutrition information on this website is sourced from the U.S. Agricultural Research Service Nutrition Data Releases 20,21,25,26. Most of the top 10 articles now use release 26. Other health claims have citations with appropriate scientific studies. In cases where scientific studies conflict, the health claims have been noted as controversial to alert readers.


Living a healthy life involves eating foods which provide high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and avoiding empty or suboptimal calories. The information on is not intended to replace the consultation of a nutritionist or other certified health provider, but it is intended to inform readers so they can have a more constructive conversation with their health professionals. There are many contradictions and controversies in the field of nutrition, this website is intended to inform the reader so that he/she can make the best decision for their health.

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