Know Your Grapes? Wines With The Fewest Calories

The types of grapes used to create the wines we all love and recognize: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, each impart their own taste and calorie value. It should be noted that calorie value in wine is greatly dependent on alcohol content, the more the alcohol, the more the calories. Also, various types of crafting in wine can have an effect on the total calorie value. Below is a list of wines with the least calories, from lowest to highest.

A glass of wine = 5 oz.(148ml) A little more than a quarter of a bottle of beer.

A bottle of wine = 25 oz.(750ml) The most common size for a bottle of wine, making about 5 glasses per bottle.

#1: Gamay Calories per glass:115 Calories per bottle:581 AKA: Beaujolais
#2: Riesling Calories per glass:118 Calories per bottle:600
#3: Sauvignon Blanc Calories per glass:119 Calories per bottle:603
#4: Pinot Noir Calories per glass:121 Calories per bottle:610 AKA: Burgundy
#5: Pinot Grigio Calories per glass:122 Calories per bottle:618 AKA: Pinot Gris
#6: Cabernet Franc Calories per glass:122 Calories per bottle:618
#7: Cabernet Sauvignon Calories per glass:122 Calories per bottle:618
#8: Syrah Calories per glass:122 Calories per bottle:618
#9: Claret Calories per glass:122 Calories per bottle:620
#10: Muscat Calories per glass:123 Calories per bottle:623
#11: Sangiovese Calories per glass:126 Calories per bottle:641
#12: Red Zinfandel Calories per glass:129 Calories per bottle:656


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