The Most Popular Queries for Nutriton Facts on

What foods do people care about? What foods do they research to find out their nutrient value? What are the current trends? The list below shows the most searched for foods in HealthAliciousNess's Nutrition Facts Comparison App.

The Most Searched for Foods in 2016

#1. Seeds pumpkin and squash seed kernels roasted without salt
Searched 15265 times.

#2. Kale raw
Searched 14313 times.

#3. Bananas raw
Searched 11414 times.

#4. Egg whole cooked hard-boiled
Searched 10221 times.

#5. Avocados raw all commercial varieties
Searched 9354 times.

#6. Broccoli raw
Searched 9121 times.

#7. Yogurt plain skim milk 13 grams protein per 8 ounce
Searched 9086 times.

#8. Baking chocolate unsweetened squares
Searched 8924 times.

#9. Beans white mature seeds cooked boiled without salt
Searched 8489 times.

#10. Spinach raw
Searched 8183 times.

#11. Lettuce cos or romaine raw
Searched 7648 times.

#12. Cheese mozzarella nonfat
Searched 7583 times.

#13. Spinach cooked boiled drained without salt
Searched 7555 times.

#14. Fish tuna light canned in water drained solids
Searched 7165 times.

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#15. Potatoes baked flesh and skin with salt
Searched 6487 times.

#16. Egg yolk raw fresh
Searched 6342 times.

#17. Fish mackerel Atlantic cooked dry heat
Searched 6101 times.

#18. Guavas common raw
Searched 5690 times.

#19. Nuts almonds
Searched 5550 times.

#20. Mollusks oyster eastern wild cooked moist heat
Searched 5401 times.

#21. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans bengal gram) mature seeds cooked boiled without salt
Searched 5253 times.

#22. Sweet potato cooked baked in skin flesh without salt
Searched 4930 times.

#23. Soybeans mature cooked boiled without salt
Searched 4817 times.

#24. Fish oil cod liver
Searched 4718 times.

#25. Mollusks clam mixed species cooked moist heat
Searched 4644 times.

#26. Cocoa dry powder unsweetened
Searched 4492 times.

#27. Sugars granulated
Searched 4403 times.

#28. Soybeans mature seeds sprouted raw
Searched 4364 times.

#29. Carrots cooked boiled drained without salt
Searched 4103 times.

#30. Nuts brazilnuts dried unblanched
Searched 3922 times.

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The Most Searched for Foods in 2014-2015

#1. Seeds Pumpkin And Squash Seed Kernels Roasted Without Salt
Searched 54170 times.

#2. Kale Raw
Searched 35443 times.

#3. Seaweed Spirulina Dried
Searched 31716 times.

#4. Bananas Raw
Searched 28405 times.

#5. Spinach Raw
Searched 27506 times.

#6. Baking Chocolate Unsweetened Squares
Searched 26811 times.

#7. Turkey Breast From Whole Bird Non-Enhanced Meat Only Roasted
Searched 25216 times.

#8. Yogurt Plain Skim Milk 13 Grams Protein Per 8 Ounce
Searched 25018 times.

#9. Nuts Almonds
Searched 23731 times.

#10. Mollusks Clam Mixed Species Cooked Moist Heat
Searched 23726 times.

#11. Beans White Mature Seeds Cooked Boiled Without Salt
Searched 20330 times.

#12. Egg Whole Cooked Hard-Boiled
Searched 20046 times.

#13. Mollusks Oyster Eastern Wild Cooked Moist Heat
Searched 19941 times.

#14. Cheese Mozzarella Nonfat
Searched 19456 times.

#15. Egg Yolk Raw Fresh
Searched 19223 times.

#16. Spices Chervil Dried
Searched 18832 times.

#17. Turkey Fryer-Roasters Breast Meat Only Cooked Roasted
Searched 17621 times.

#18. Pork Fresh Variety Meats And By-Products Liver Raw
Searched 16997 times.

#19. Fish Tuna Light Canned In Water Drained Solids
Searched 16760 times.

#20. Soybeans Mature Cooked Boiled Without Salt
Searched 15768 times.

#21. Corn Bran Crude
Searched 14851 times.

#22. Sweeteners Tabletop Fructose Dry Powder
Searched 14664 times.

#23. Tomatoes Sun-Dried
Searched 14529 times.

#24. Lettuce cos or romaine raw
Searched 14262 times.

#25. Apricots Dried Sulfured Uncooked
Searched 13678 times.

#26. Cocoa Dry Powder Unsweetened
Searched 12232 times.

#27. Yeast Extract Spread
Searched 12175 times.

#28. Fish Salmon Atlantic Wild Cooked Dry Heat
Searched 11973 times.

#29. Avocados Raw All Commercial Varieties
Searched 11770 times.

#30. Potatoes Baked Flesh And Skin With Salt
Searched 11126 times.

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