Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) aka: american pawpaw, custard banana, prairie banana, Indiana (Hoosier) banana, Kentucky banana, Michigan banana, and Ozark banana, is a brown to yellow skinned fruit with a bright yellow custard pulp studded in the center with many oval shaped seeds.

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More information on Pawpaw

How to choose Pawpaw: Papaws are green when not ripe and turn to a yellow brown as they ripen. They will become very soft before they are ready to eat.

Climate and origin: Pawpaw originated from the Eastern United States. A hardy plant, it will grow as far north as New York, however, it is not widely cultivated across the world.

Taste: Pawpaws are sweet fruits with a custard texture and tropical flavor.

Substitutes with more vitamins: Mango

Miscellaneous information: Pawpaw is the largest edible fruit that is indigenous to the United States. A hearty tree, pawpaws will grow easily from their seeds, but take time to fruit.

Papayas are sometimes called "pawpaw", however, the two fruits are unrelated.

Similar tasting produce: Bananas, Mango

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