Vegetarian Kibbeh ( Kibet Adas) ,(Lentils with cracked wheat, (Burgul))

A very easy, healthy recipe.
Step 1: Boil & cook well one cup of skinless lentils with plenty of water

Step 2: When lentils are well cooked, add one cup of coarse cracked wheat, let it cook together with the lentils until all the water evaporates, the wheat is cooked and take some in your hand when cool so you can make into a ball, i.e. it is ready.

Step 3: Separately, chop about one cup of parsley, half cup green onion,3 cloves garlic, one cup of fresh spinach. Juice of half lemon is optional.

Step 4: Add them to the cooked lentils with the wheat, mix them altogether, add salt and pepper to your taste.

Step 5: Shape the mixture into balls similar to meat ball like 1 inch each, put in the refrigerator and serve when needed.

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