Carrot Cucumber Salad with Mint

This recipe pairs well with pickled peppers and mint which carry the flavor and eliminate the need for fatty salad dressings. For this salad you will need four medium sized carrots, four cucumbers, one tomato, half an onion, about 1/2 a cup of pickled peppers, and two good sprigs of mint. It will serve 4-6 people.
Total Preparation and/or Cooking Time:
Step 1:
Gather all your ingredients and make sure the carrots, cucumbers, tomato, and mint, are well washed. Also grab a good sized salad bowl.
Step 2:
First peel and cut your onion in half, then cut the half into thin strips. Place them in your bowl.
Step 3:
Take the carrots and cut them at an angle to create oblong pieces.
Step 4:
Repeat the same cuts for all the cucumbers. Place both the carrots and cucumbers into your salad bowl.
Step 5:
Cut the tomato in half and cut each half into thin semi-circles. Add them to the bowl.
Step 6:
Place all the pickled peppers on the cutting board and give them a rough cut into medium sized pieces. Any kind of pickle pepper will do.
Step 7:
Take all the mint leaves off the stem, and also give them a rough chop. Place them with the peppers at the top of the salad bowl.
Step 8:
You are now ready to toss the salad. Take two good spoons and gently mix all the ingredients.
Step 9:
Once everything is well mixed you are done and have made a no oil, low calorie salad. Enjoy it beside rice and beans, or in pita bread as a wrap.
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